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I never thought I was going to become a zombie one day. Well, to put your calmness back into its place, I’ll say – no, the zombie plague has not begun yet. I used makeup to zombie myself following the request of a client of mine from schoolgirl dressed escort lady agency I work in.

The initial desire of a client, as our phone manager described, was to have a schoolgirl dressed escort lady in a client’s apartment. That’s not hard – we all play this role from time to time in our model escort agency.

But when I arrived at his place – he asked me right at once at the threshold: “Why da fuck aren’t you a zombie as I requested?”

As we spoke to him, we have defined that he wanted a schoolgirl dressed escort lady, which is also a zombie! Can you imagine? What a perverted desire – to fuck a zombie girl, who would look like it and act like it (only not rotting like it). It was decided that I would do the undead-style look already now. He made a couple of phone calls and gave me the address of the beauty salon, where they should turn me into one (for his expense).

I must tell you – the transformation they did was a hell of an experience for me! Not only new, it has become completely interesting, first time ever experience. They made me look a zombie on the face first. In two hours, I was terrified of myself looking in the mirror – pieces of artificial flesh were drooped out of my skin around eyes and mouth. The skin gained deadly green-blue tint without a sign of freshness. They dead my arms in this hue as well, making several nails as if broken. The hair was done as if not being taken care of for years and they installed me a black contact lens making an impression of one eye absent, underscoring this feeling with an entourage around it with additional makeup. In a word, I looked terrible, as some freshly dead resident of Evil Dead or The Walking Dead.

After completing work with me, in 4 whole hours, they gave me several lessons of how shall I walk like – dragging feet, lifeless. I was the hell scariest schoolgirl dressed escort lady I’ve ever encountered before. I called a cab and covered myself with cloth like paranja.

“Hello, it’s me again. Zombie now,” I ranged at the door of my client and went upstairs. I took my covering cloth off when at his door. I loosed all life out of me and took a hunched pose of an undead. He opened. I started playing a zombie – got my hand towards him and slowly stepped inside. He backed out of suddenness. I saw sparkles of fear and interest in his eyes and understood – this is what he wanted and this is what I gave him.

I dragged myself into his apartment. He walked away and came back with a strong drink in a glass. Sat back and asked: “You look stunning. Wonderful, even better than I’ve expected! Can you please now wander around the room so I can look at you? It turns me on…”

And so I did. To increase his interest in my appealing sexy body, I was slowly taking off my cloth in zombie movements or as I thought, they should be. My raincoat and my hat went off (they covered my appearance on the street from a prying eye), then I unzipped my blouse to unearth boobs. So now I had only my gray-colored lacy underwear, black boots on a high heel to a knee, short skirt, and unzipped white blouse. Two big bows on the head completed the exciting look. I made my date actually horny! Well, U know, everyone gets entertained in his own way.

He stood up and embraced my shoulders. I turned to him with lifeless expression and made the roaring sound. We skipped the kissing stage as he rose up my skirt & put panties down with fast motions. My pussy got naked before his passion. He bent me over the bed. The pussy was not covered in makeup; it was just a wet hole of a schoolgirl dressed escort lady. He asked me to continue making roaring sounds and closed his eyes – what does it feel like when you fuck a zombie? As for me, it was strange much more than exciting. Judging from his wild excitement he has exaggeratedly hammering my pussy, I could say his passion was one of the biggest I’ve ever experienced in my entire work in an escort model agency. His sperm covered my zombie skin all over and I saw deep satisfaction on his face when he lay next to me.


An escort in Ankara girl was having sex with a sullen fellow who lived in the cabin in the thickets

It was a nice Sunday to walk in the nearby forest, to have a hike there for several hours just to refresh the thoughts and make the body remember how is it – to walk with two legs for a long time. So, a girl from escort Ankara grabbed a little hiking bag and got out of her airless apartment.

In an hour, she was already away from the popular forest routes with bustling people and left alone with herself and nature around. The birds were singing. It was extremely nice and warm in this July sunny day. The air’s temperature was just fine – perfection, in one word. She strolled amongst the trees inhaling the great scent of blossoming flowers.

Escort agency in Ankara woman pretends she is a wife of a man to delight him

From very unusual orders, there are some that fall into memory. This order was one of such and an Escort agency girl Maria was already hurrying to meet her next client Dave, who have ordered some very spectacular program. He wanted one of the sexiest girls from escort agency in Ankara to come to his house to pretend to be his wife for a day. She had to do all kind of housework that Dave would point her at and be dressed in various gowns, including their absence, according to his request. The order did not tell anything about having sex with him – but supposedly, this also had to be included.