Escort girl Ankara, lovely pussycat is having sex with her skydiving instructor during their flight in the plane
» » Escort girl Ankara, lovely pussycat is having sex with her skydiving instructor during their flight in the plane

They say sex relaxes a lot. Especially when you worry much. For instance, about the fact that you are going to jump off the plane. The one that flies as high as 2000 meters above the surface of our planet. And though its speed in relative velocities is not too high, only 500-550 kilometers per hour as this is an entertaining flight, when you are on the plane, it feels different. So different, in fact, that when you approach illuminators, you see the land running below you and you get scared at once. And the only thing you can possibly think of during this time is how to remain alive and keep your thoughts together.

She, escort girl Ankara, could never tame her fear, although she has jumped for four times before. This was her fifth. On the one hand, escort girl Ankara loved the incredible feeling of total freedom when you fly in the sky. On the other, she couldn’t cope with that initial fear of fall on the earth from the plane evenly humming in the skies illuminated by the yellow sun. It was something more than her mind could bear.

During this flight, there were only four people: two pilots (they were in their cabin), one skydiving instructor, and her. Usually, people used to gather in groups to make a jump, but today was Tuesday and people don’t usually jump on Tuesdays, you know.

Since she was their only client today, organizers took a little bigger payment and took off and now here she was, sitting here and having a fear. They had to have 15 more minutes to reach the site for jumping and the excitation grew in her. Now it has totally captivated her, and the itching was even inside her teeth. A little tremor was growing inside of her entire body, piercing her, starting from her genitals and boobs of 2nd size, ending with tiptoes. The next goes from her words:

My skydiving instructor has spotted my state as he was sitting right opposite to me and asked if I was okay. Then, he, as if jokingly, told that the best way to get rid of my mental state is to relax. And the best way to relax is to have sex. He thought I would never go for that, you fool! As a professional escort girl Ankara, I surely agreed at the same second, as the only thing I wanted untill that moment was to tame my itching fear. And now it was joined by sudden desire to fuck a handsome fellow sitting nearby! We still had over 10 minutes to do that and I was overwhelmed with the desire to feel entangling cock inside my pussy, so I turned cool-blooded from outside and dragged a boy into the next compartment that was separated from the main salon of the fuselage and dragged his pants down low, exposing his already erected cock. That what I, an escort girl Ankara, like about boys of 20-25 years, is the fact that they always have a standing dick, it is just worth to mention the sex itself, as they get immediately aroused.

“Fuck me now”, I told him, and he was not needed to be asked twice. He put me my back towards him, bent me over, I grabbed the steel table with my hands, he unzipped my pants and took my panties off. He was trying to enter in me several times during a couple of seconds but I don’t know – was he too excited to think straight or whatever else it was but he couldn’t get into my hole. Then he, out of sudden, re-approached his intentions and, having aimed well, entered me. But not in the hole I needed! The feelings were sudden and a little weird as I did not expect this. No, I love being fucked in the ass, especially when I work as one of Ankara girls – I have no other option than to love this, as every second client longs to my butthole. That was cool but now I actually needed his cock inside my pussy and I told him that. He re-entered and here I go, the fierce sensation started.

“T minus three minutes”, we heard on the speaker. Three minutes to go and I still had to finish! We had to increase the tempo, so I turned myself face to him and took over the initiative. More, more, a little more…

“T minus one minute”. Fuck you, man, let me finish not in the rush! And, right from this flush of anger, I felt the gorgeous ending… And relaxation, right at once. My partner still was moving, but I was over and so we had to jump.

“Where’re you going?”, he asked as I rushed to the exit of the plane.

“Come on, boy, you will have a chance to fuck me once again to finish, but there, on the ground”, and I started waiting while he buckles to me to form a tandem. The luring sky was now open to me…

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