girl got cold but instead of staying sick at home, she serves a client who wanted to have sex with sick girl
» » girl got cold but instead of staying sick at home, she serves a client who wanted to have sex with sick girl

People are weird. Sometimes too weird. Sometimes they order something usually people run from. Like this guy. Named Mickel. Yes, there is no mistake in the name. Mickel Yorio. Probably, he was a guest from Scotland in our city. As he had a too strange accent hard to identify. Or maybe Ireland. But not his accent accentuated on his weirdness, no. It was his desire. He wanted to have a sick girl from Ankara escort girls service. Probably the one having flu, cold, or their sort. He found it arousing, supposedly.

I never before had such unusual demand by a client as people stick to health. Usually, they do. But not Mickel. He wanted a girl from Ankara escort girls service was as sick as possible, and was ready to pay extra. To my luck, this day I was sick. It is funny to tell this, though, as who sees luck in having flu? Still, the sickness just happened to my luck.

Mickel wanted a girl to cough on him, to sneeze on him, to have a runny nose, red eyes, not speaking throat with a feeling of choking. I was pretty sure he knew he could catch flu either – I clearly and unambiguously told him about it. Twice. He returned me his unequivocal acceptance of this fact.

Well, I was lying in my bed with almost no temperature but with all other signs of my influenza state: red nose, three uneven piles of used napkins around me, a dozen of anti-flu drugs and people’s remedies (honey, raspberry jam, oranges, and lemons). I was about to bite a nice slice of bread rubbed with garlic and salt, drinking it up with a hot tea with lemon when I got a phone call from my Ankara escort agency. They knew I was on sick leave but still called me.

‘Hello,’ I said with a voice of zombie on the phone not even close to a voice of call girl Ankara.

‘Yo, Angelica, gather up, we’ve got the greatest work for you right now, together with your nasty influenza.’

‘Are you out of your mind?’ I remember I told them and was about to hang up when the handset told:

‘Two thousand dollars for three hours.’

Well, I am sick but I am not an idiot to refuse 2 gees. In two hours, I was at this guy’s premise to find out he was a 50+ white male with a batch of weirdness: at first, he didn’t want to penetrate me. He wanted me to suck his sluggish and flaccid dick with all my runny nose and a cough. He found it so arousing beyond belief that his sluggish sausage turned into hard pecker in some seconds. He wanted me to suck him having cough and snots. At second, he wanted to grease one my boob with honey and second with chocolate paste to lick from them one after another when I supposed to jerk his dick at this moment with a hand. At third, he wanted to kiss my mouth knowing I am super infected.

An hour later, I sat on top of him as if I was a rider, he was a horse (as he asked me to), and we went on a trip around the room. Of course, we were naked. Instead of whipping his sides with a lash, I had to put my finger in his anus hole and move deeper there as if spurring him to move faster when he howled ‘Spur, spur me, my bay mare’. Then, we’ve changed a pose a little. He was still standing as a horse on all fours and I lay on him with a belly to reach his pecker and a butthole at the same time. I had to masturbate Mickel and put two fingers inside an anus hole while he was depicting a horse in motion. That one was of the weirdest poses I’ve ever experienced serving in the Ankara escort agency.

A short time later, I sat on top of him on the bed and started jumping. And coughing. And sneezing. He had especially hardened between the legs when I sneezed. I can’t even imagine what caused a guy to get so aroused when he fucks a sick girl but my sneezing made him stay tuned to the sex wave as never before. Finally, he cummed when I sneezed in a series. At the last, the biggest sneezing, I felt he came inside a condom inside me but didn’t really feel fun as my headache hurt me as hell.

I wished him to get well shortly after he will get sick (and he will), took my money, and went home to ponder how many weirdo people roam Earth. Or, maybe, he wanted to get sick from call girl Ankara with some special purpose like receiving health insurance? Who knows…


One of the new girls Ankara has ardent sexual proximity with a photographer

One of the new girls Ankara named Jess was driving to her new photographer who supposed to make her a vivid portfolio. She requested it in order to step onto the model catwalk that she was dreaming about for a long time. The photo process included 7 or 8 hours of intense work this day, changing clothes and attires, looks and styles, working with her personal image maker (a guy whose time she bought for a day to make this photoset, with his helpers).

One of the new girls Ankara is having intimacy with a stranger in the roadside shop

The door opened and he entered, the guy wearing a cowboy hat and a big sunglasses. Tanned weather-beaten skin with a silky beard of 4 days without the shaving razor told how masculine he was. Something inside of his outward appearance called to every woman and this call was his attractiveness through a harsh look and manners opposite to refinement.

She worked as the seller in this small roadside shop that also had the gas station. It was located in the countryside of the Ankara city. She was 21 years-old daughter of the owner of this place, 56-years old harsh man who also had a farm with a big barn and stacks of hay, standing here and there in a field that started right backdoor the shop.

“Hey. Gimme ten gallons of gas at the filling point three,” he told to this slender girl having the 3rd size of breasts (as the new girls Ankara usually have), standing at the counter desk.