One of the new girls Ankara has ardent sexual proximity with a photographer
» » One of the new girls Ankara has ardent sexual proximity with a photographer

One of the new girls Ankara named Jess was driving to her new photographer who supposed to make her a vivid portfolio. She requested it in order to step onto the model catwalk that she was dreaming about for a long time. The photo process included 7 or 8 hours of intense work this day, changing clothes and attires, looks and styles, working with her personal image maker (a guy whose time she bought for a day to make this photoset, with his helpers).

Once she arrived there, she was totally captivated by the whirlpool of people, actions, and sensations that she received in a photo studio. It was a big space consisting of several big rooms equipped with lots of cameras, additional equipment, photo umbrellas, lighting projectors and so on. One of the premises was a dressing and a makeup room in which she was groomed by her stylist, visagiste, and an image-maker. They all were working on her exclusive style and looks. After she was ready for the second, third, and a so on shot, her young male photographer seemed as if was capturing the very exposed essence of what a girl of new girls Ankara was trying to reveal. She was completely and extremely satisfied with the work of a young photographer, even more than with work of all her team that was doing her outward appearance.

One of the final photo shoots was the body paint work. She irresistibly approached this moment, and finally, when there were 2 or 3 hours left until the end of shooting process, she was invited to put on the colors on her naked body. She knew that nakedness was the best condition to receive the fantastic portfolio, after which, as people told, the great part of girls received their contracts with this or that model agency. Thus, she was firm in her decision to make this photo shoot.

For two and a half hours, visagists were working with the paint, layering her body. It turned stripped-green, and she liked the result so far. She expected that a photo maker would make the best photos out of this ever.

When she was painted finally, she stepped on the podium completely naked. She felt the nakedness, but her body was covered with a thin layer of color, so she wasn’t that exposed to people around. In seconds after she stepped into the limelight, she felt, as the excitement was growing bigger inside of her. So she thanked everyone for their job and let them go, except for a young man who did all the photo shooting. They were left just in two but seemed as he did not notice this fact, fascinated with her painted body and did the skillful foreshortenings of her on a camera.

At the time, she, one of the new girls Ankara, could restrain her excitement no longer; she approached him and put her hands on his crotch. It was a pretty obvious sign of her intentions. She was already bare standing here, right in front of him; he had only to reach his hand to touch her wherever he wanted. She acted first – took his hand and put on her buttock. Unzipping his pants, she felt as he was squeezing her butt with his hand. She was dressed and undressed at the same time. She leaned in front of him, taking his dick in her wet mouth. He had to lean on something in order not to fall. He wanted it more, so he took a cock out of her pretty mouth and, telling her to stand back to him, entered her abruptly. He wanted her elastic ass, painted as if dressed but still bare. The very idea of possessing a paint-colored girl aroused him very much, and he was exciting more and more until he finished. But before that, he exited her, and the sprinkling of his semen was flowing on her back, covering it nicely, creating a green-and-white pattern. When she felt he was over, she made him lay back and sat on his face, to make him soak wet with her juices, and to feel her clitoris and labia on his lips and chin. Moving lightly from side to side, she made him be aroused once again, contributing to this with masturbating him. She took a cock in a mouth and made him finish not once but twice, sitting on his chin and face, each time making him pleased even more than the previous time. When she was ready to cum, after his triple finish, she took his three fingers and shoved it into her vagina, moving back and forth. In minutes of doing that, she flown with vagina juices, wetting his fingers and a palm. It was the indeed a great photo shoot.


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I was driving 70 kph on the road. A beautiful road by the sea. I was returning from the client of mine, as I work in Ankara eskortlar service. I only put my eyes down at three seconds to find a lipstick in my purse and when I got eyes up, the big truck was going right on me. Reflexes worked and I hit the brakes, turning the wheel out from the collision. Still, despite my actions, it wasn’t enough and we collided. My car flipped over and was pushed back to the sideway. It’s a good thing I was fastened so I didn’t fly off the driver’s seating. Safety airbags made everything to save me. I was hurt & passed out.

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She lay on the couch like one of perfect Ankara girls WhatsApp, stretching up her right leg, and smoothed thin white nylon with her palms. I watched this incomparably erotic spectacle, being excited, more and more, and restoring the condition after the just experienced orgasm. A week has passed since the day when I finally felt full harmony in my life…