Eskortlar Ankara girl seduces her client playing geisha
» » Eskortlar Ankara girl seduces her client playing geisha
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Geisha is an entertainer and skillful cheerer, while traditionally she is far from sex. At least, this how things work in Japan, where geishas originated centuries ago. But with time, practice changes and the sprouts of this culture spread across the world, changing and giving new breath to usual things. One of such changes is the desire of men to have sex with geishas. Some Ankara partners are also asked to depict geisha – if a client pays well to make it worthy. As the preparation is the entire case, involving not only time and sophisticated makeup but also attire, which is not that easy to find (and making it as one-time order costs a ton of money).

However, there are wacky clients who find such way of entertainment worthy and exciting, even if it involves Ankara partner from any country and of any origin, not naturally Japanese geishas. This is a story about one of such orders.

…I’ve watched several movies about geishas and read much information about to impersonate one of them. I don’t know what degree of similarity with geisha my client wanted but I tried to do my best. The costume was tailored to fit me. I finished making my makeup to have completely white skin as the real geisha and now was at the mirror checking for the whole picture.

He came in. I greeted him and poured a tea in a flat Japanese cup. He took it and touched my hip with another hand. His eyes lit and I felt like he was undressing me with the eyes. I sat and started singing as the geishas do. He closed his eyes listening to my voice while drinking tea. I offered him small sandwiches and I approached him to hand the first tiny sandwich to him. I was close and he embraced my legs (he was sitting on the floor). I felt his arms through the fabrics of kimono made of Japanese silk. He took me closer to him and got his arms under my skirt. I didn’t know what exactly geishas wear underneath their top clothing, so I just remained naked under it, wearing nothing. He started to play with me as with one of Ankara partners, not as with geisha – that was his sexual desire. He touched my legs under the body-tight skirt and went up and up under it (trying not to raise the skirt up, though) until he got to my buttocks. As I said, I didn’t wear anything underneath. He roamed his arms on my bare buttocks and then slid between the legs, feeling my complete nakedness and hairlessness. He got aroused (I saw the cone getting sturdy in his pants) and he rose up. I was standing and breathing heavily as I was also excited by the ambiance and silent intimacy we had between us – he did not say anything during our meeting yet. Rising up, he raised my skirt to reveal naked legs, pubis, and buttocks. Turned me around and put in a doggy pose leaning me over the table, exposing my pussy in all its glory to his eyes. He got his trousers and pants down, staying in a shirt, jacket, and a tie. Dressed from above, naked from below. He put on a condom and entered me. Only my lower part was naked. From above, I was dressed as geisha – end everything else in my appearance was linked to it: unnaturally white skin, black wig on hair, and obedience. He touched my face and turned it to the right so he can see me when fucking. I did not paint my skin under the skirt, so it was of natural color. He was doing me with open eyes looking at my skin and geisha’s attire. The process aroused us both. I often do unusual client requests on the duty of Whatsapp woman but I’ve never been geisha before, so the ambiance made my pussy to actively moisten. I also liked the ease, with which he worked on me – it was not an act of a wild animal, desiring to eject his semen out of his loins, he was a tender lover working with a passion of an affected human. Penetrating into me, he was roaming his hands on my face, neck, attire of geisha, and he shuddered with a petty shiver from tangible sensations. Then he put his arms under the dress from above to feel my breasts – they were with hardened nipples and already waiting for his touch, though I wasn’t sure if he ever touches me there. Feeling his arms on my nipples and his erect cock inside of me, I got to the state close to the orgasm so I violated our mutual silence and asked him to move faster so I can certainly reach the ‘cloud point’. He started to put more zeal in fucking and finished a millisecond before I started cumming, receiving hot flashes one by one going from inside.

BDSM escort is a privilege not all women from escort agencies may give. We understand that a lot of men love it harder, and that’s why we give it to them. Zara is a young lover of various stuff connected with BDSM wildness. She is great no matter what your filthy desire will be. Just take her body and use it.

BDSM escort is a privilege not all women from escort agencies may give. We understand that a lot of men love it harder, and that’s why we give it to them. Zara is a young lover of various stuff connected with BDSM wildness. She is great no matter what your filthy desire will be. Just take her body and use it.


One of the eskortlar-escort girls gives herself to a boyfriend being dressed as a Snow-maiden

Christmas is the greatest time of the year. Everyone loves Christmas – especially when it snows, you have a big cup of cappuccino with little marshmallows in your hands looking at sparkling Xmas tree decorated with LED strip light standing humbly in the corner of your living room and you are sitting wearing warm fluffy sweater in a big royal velvety chair of green or red color nearby an endless fire in your fireplace, above which you have the Xmas red-and-white socks for your entire family…  I’ve been loving Xmas since very childhood – my dad and mom started this good tradition in our big house and now I expect presents in the fireplace socks, and I love to make presents to the people close to me. This time, I’ve decided to stop being an eskortlar Ankara girl (which I work now) for a while and give my boyfriend (whom I really love) my body wrapped as a perfect gift.

One of the new girls Ankara is having intimacy with a stranger in the roadside shop

The door opened and he entered, the guy wearing a cowboy hat and a big sunglasses. Tanned weather-beaten skin with a silky beard of 4 days without the shaving razor told how masculine he was. Something inside of his outward appearance called to every woman and this call was his attractiveness through a harsh look and manners opposite to refinement.

She worked as the seller in this small roadside shop that also had the gas station. It was located in the countryside of the Ankara city. She was 21 years-old daughter of the owner of this place, 56-years old harsh man who also had a farm with a big barn and stacks of hay, standing here and there in a field that started right backdoor the shop.

“Hey. Gimme ten gallons of gas at the filling point three,” he told to this slender girl having the 3rd size of breasts (as the new girls Ankara usually have), standing at the counter desk.