lover meets in a café with her old boyfriend and passion inflames between them
» » lover meets in a café with her old boyfriend and passion inflames between them

Eva from Ankara escorts was on the first day of her vacation in Asia, Cambodia. She longed to marvelous temples that were standing there for centuries and still had a sullenly sumptuous look. The ancient Cambodian civilization that has created tens of thousands of temples must have been engaged only in the temple-building process forgetting to live. Nevertheless, now Eva was thankful to them, as she loved climbing all these rocks and countless stairs. She specifically had chosen the coldest time of the year to go on this vacation as otherwise, in the other days she wouldn’t sustain the 40°-heat in the shade. Which was possible during about 6 months per year. It was around +30 now and still, she felt hot.

Going down from another temple, fighting back from the annoying monkeys that already have managed to steal her sunglasses and the last 0.5 bottle of water, she raised her head and stumbled on a guy with white skin color. The face seemed to be familiar.

“Andrew?” She asked a guy who was supposed to pass by and smiled. He stopped and returned.

“Eva? Wow! Didn’t expect to see you here. So far from home.” He smiled back to her.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked and their conversation continued so unobtrusively.

… In 35 minutes, they found some more or less decent local cafeteria upon exiting the zone of a park, a cafeteria with close space and a working air conditioner. While they were waiting for their order, they were given each by a huge cup of cold iced coffee and this moment was blissful. The bodies were heated up by sun and excitement of their meeting. Once upon a time (about four years ago), Eva did not work in Ankara escorts service and was dating Andrew. They have had fabulous 5 months and had to break up after he left to study for 2 years in the medical department of a university in another country. In turn, after he left, she could imagine nothing better than to start working on the very high paid job in Ankara escort agency and has never regretted it. Pretty soon, they were holding hands, drinking local beers named ‘Beer Lao’ and ‘Bintang’ and recalling the good old times. Word after another, alcohol coupled with long-steaming mutual attraction made its business and they kissed once, then – twice and more.

The toilet cabin was free and it was unexpectedly too elegant for a place like this. Eva from Ankara escort agency took off her panties in one light movement, and his motion put down the pants and underwear in one go. They kissed super passionately and he stroked a pussy of a girl with his hand. She was wet and sweaty and he liked it. He penetrated with several fingers into her vagina and she moaned from pleasure, getting more and more passion from his indecent movements.

Her ass was tight, her legs were muscled, and it was so nice to touch them. He was fit too but, obviously, she loved to climb terrains more than he did so her body was fitter than his. It raised more passion in him when he felt her tight springy buttocks with his crotch after he entered her velvety pussy.

Their movements triggered some questions from the people outside who entered the toilet but not more than that – nobody prevented them from fucking. Maybe, envied. A little. Or a lot. Russian escort Ankara girl and her partner felt even bigger excitation now thousands of kilometers from homes than they did when they used to date.

In some moment, Andrew wanted to ask Eva to restore their relations but in the moment of engagement in a sexual act, he didn’t think clearly so could not form a thought to the end to sound it. Their movements were loud though they tried to restrain themselves. One tight flesh was bouncing on the other one, and they two felt just great. When he was finishing, he told Eva he’s cumming and that caused her warmer feelings than she usually felt with clients of Russian escort Ankara agency. The last few strong jerks – and he becomes immobile, breathing heavily, leaning with hands on the wall, pressing a girl to it, still inside her. Andrew’s orgasm was bright and if he wouldn’t be in protection, he’d probably sprinkled a girl’s vagina right to her uterus.

In 5 minutes, they paid the bill and left the premise heading towards Andrew’s hotel room to continue their rendezvous.


Ankara escorts girl met with an old friend and decided to try spontaneous sex

“Well, I’m home,” was heard in the corridor. The tired girl came into the apartment, after a hard working day, dropped off her shoes, and sat in a chair next to a door. It was Marina, a girl of 25 years old, beautiful as an escort girl in Ankara, with gray-green eyes, thin waist, and long slender legs. Before she could catch her breath, the mobile phone rang.

“Marina, hello!” was heard in the tube, her heart began to beat faster because she realized that she hears the voice of a man she was in love with since school years.

New Year is coming & a guy organizes a good New Year’s party

I wanna tell the Christmas story for the readers of your blog, dear escort Ankara service.

My name is Steve. I felt very good on the last Christmas Eve with girls from escort Ankara service. That is why, this year, I’ve decided to repeat this fantastic experience. I rented a 300-feet apartment in Ankara city with fabulous ocean view & called my friends, only a few closest ones to create the happy mood, as I knew they all were funny guys. They also contributed financially to the celebration, so renting the apartment wasn’t that hard with their help.