One of new girls Ankara decided on a daring experiment and was satisfied with the result
» » One of new girls Ankara decided on a daring experiment and was satisfied with the result

She phoned me from work at half past six to ask if I want to try something new today. It was like she’s been from new girls in escort. When she said what she wanted, I was just speechless. I did not know if she was serious or not.

But my wife, it seems, was quite serious. She asked with a seductive girls escort voice if I wanted this, and I agreed. She hung up the phone. My wife had a lover. That is, she had a lover, and sometimes she made love with his friends too. We had a very complex love polygon. There was I, the husband who loved her and it was me who pushed her to having sex with another man. There was her current lover, of whom I knew. My wife first met him after work. Then she stayed at his house. The last time she wasn’t home for 2 days because she spent this time having fun with him like a horny new escort girl. As she told me, he could call her and invite her into the garage. She went out from her office, climbed into his car, and took his dick in her mouth. The whole situation was very confusing but exciting. From the very beginning, I dreamed that I would fuck her with other men. But what it turned into: I liked it. Sex with my wife has become as passionate as before the wedding.

Back to this evening: one day my wife told me that she had a fantasy: she wanted to come home after she slept with her lover like one of new escort girls and she wanted me to swallow all the sperm that would be on her. I was dumbfounded: it never came into my head, but it sounded intriguing. Probably, I was much more perverted than I thought before. Looks like it’s time to try it. Honestly, in a sober mind, all that caused excitement when we were lying naked in bed, causes quite different emotions. And sitting at home, I hardly imagined what I would do when my wife returned. At night, at our entrance, a car signaled. It was a signal. My wife always did that. Now she will enter. I froze. My new girls Ankara-mood-wife came into the room and ordered me to go to the bed. I lay down. She came up to me. Traces of blowjob were clearly visible on her face. She kissed me. It was strange. I felt the sperm on her tongue. Sperm was in her mouth. Apparently, the last time she was fucked in the mouth a couple of minutes ago. When she seen that some of the sperm was now in my mouth, she broke away from me.

“Like it?”

“Yes,” I managed to force myself to tell it.

“And you don’t even know how much I like it!”

She unbuttoned her coat. There was nothing under it. She crouched over me and sat her breast to me.

“Lick my tits,” my wife commanded. And I began to do it, licking them.

When I finished doing it, she smiled and whispered something about a dessert for me. She stood over me and took her panties from the coat’s pocket and put them on my face. Panties smelled like sex. More precisely, they smelled like a woman, which I really wanted right now. All this reminded me of a sophisticated torture: I had to restrain myself and often breathe deeply, so as not to fuck her right now. I did not think she would be against it, but this game had to follow the rules.

She gently stroked my face with her panties. I knew that she was smiling. She was breathing heavily, so I also knew that she was as excited as I was. After a couple of minutes, she authoritatively told me to open my mouth and close my eyes. I closed my eyes. Something was happening. I realized that. She sat on my face with her vagina. A sharp smell hit my nose and I felt it like a wave of hot water. It was amazing. She never smelled so much and so spicy but attractive. I slipped my tongue into her vagina. My wife began to moan, and I pushed the elastic tongue inside her, causing her to wriggle smoothly. After a minute, she already asked me not to stop, her fingers gently squeezed my hair and guided my head. I was insanely excited. After 15 minutes, it was over. My wife was lying beside me completely satisfied and happy. I lay on my back, breathing heavily and realizing that I could cum simply by licking her completely. I knew that this was not the last time we were doing something like that, because we both loved it really much. It was so hot and so sweet, so the excitement was still pulsing at the bottom of my stomach. I would never have thought that I could experience something like this…

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Wonderful Ankara escort girl is engaged in sex with her friend on a hospital bed

I, Ankara escort girl, was in a food store when I had a call from my friend who said that my another friend, a very good one, was in the road accident. He was alive but had several injuries so he had to be in a hospital for several weeks to fully recover. I went there to find out more about his health and, to my comfort, he was basically okay, only bruises and cuts. Things could be much worse. However, every single day when he was there, I carried him some fruits and sweeties. I saw, as he was very thankful to me for what I was doing.

Escort girls Ankara do not restrain themselves making love with their driver

Hey everyone! My name is Adrian and you are reading this story because I was fucked by several hot chicks from escort girls Ankara – my clients at that night. I found out their site and even discovered they have a section of stories on it so I’ve decided to send the story that had happened to me when I was driving escort girls between the partying locations.