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I’m so sick and tired of regular call girls. I’ve been addressing many agencies but all they do is offer the standard set: going out and fucking. This can work for one or two times. But none of them interest me anymore. None but Ankara escort face service, where their escort girls Ankara offer a marvelous diversity of exciting stuff. Not only they are prone to many sexual poses for free, BDSM, preliminary playing but their girls also can shoot in still porn pictures or a video, serve as nude models on events and even make a nude cleaning. I’m gonna tell you what I found out after I ordered an Ankara escort face nude cleaning services.

The girl arrived at 3 o’clock PM. I liked her right from the start – big boobs of round shape, just as I love, pretty face under white waterfall of long hair, tight ass that I immediately wanted to touch and slim waist, which looked harmoniously with her slim legs that were almost completely open to my sight from under the opening on the dress. Tan all over her body was to my liking also as it gave her even browner skin when compared to the snow-white body-tight dress she was wearing.

When she took off the sunglasses, I looked into her brown eyes under white eyebrows of perfect form as if she was just out of beauty salon. She smelled exceptionally well, it was the sweetness of flowers and something like tree mixed together under the light summer sun. But it was fresh too. Like a flower on a hill of a mountain that you occasionally find and once you smell it, the purity itself is inhaled through your nose. She made a very good first impression.

When she walked into my 3-floor mansion and stepped into the hall, she was doing it with the grace of a panther. I was completely adored by the way she moves and couldn’t believe that such an outstanding female would make me a nude cleaning. However, it was exactly what this escort girl Ankara was called for.

“Okay, honey, we’re gonna clean upstairs, in my working room,” I told her and escorted her up the marble stairs passing my bedroom, 2 bathrooms, and a guest room. We entered the working room, in which I already had prepared everything she needed to make cleaning: basket, chemistry, rags, gloves and so on.

In 10 minutes after, she went out of the bathroom naked and wearing the sexy red-and-pink apron. Her boobs were partially covered by this apron, in fact, hiding only nipples. Also, the apron covered her belly and pubis, ending in about 5 centimeters below the entrance to a love hole. The overall picture was even more exciting than if this Ankara escort face girl was completely naked. After seeing her dressed like this, my boner let me know about his existence at once and never left me during the entire process, only getting bigger in specifically pornographic moments.

She put yellow gloves on, took the rag, soaked it in water, squeezed and applied a little detergent. Turning her fabulous buttocks to me, she started slight rubbing on all the surfaces, getting the dust off. I saw the wonderful tanned skin, too shiny and healthy to never experience various beauty remedies, including body lotions, oils, and the other stuff. I immersed in my dreams about rubbing those into her skin. It was as silk velvet. Beams of light from the sun falling on her skin’s surface enlightened it and reflected from it, making her bronzy tan look like a gold. Moving gold. Liquid gold of her back and astounding buttocks that beautifully transcended to legs, of the same even color and smoothness. Watching her was a pure delight and I don’t even remember I blinked watching as she is rubbing the surfaces of shelves, lifting up the pictures of me and friends, wiping under them and putting them back.

When she turned to basket with water to wash the rag, she turned her buttocks to me and bent. At this moment, I saw gorgeous love lips that were the same delightful as the rest of her skin, only prettier because, well, you know, it was her genitals. I immediately wanted to possess her. A huge and undeniable sudden impulse made me stand up as if I jumped up from the lying position and approach her. In several seconds, I already put my shorts and pants off and put a condom on. The next second was the start of penetration. It was so wonderful as if I slid between well-greased warm hotdogs and they contained mustard on them, making it so velvety and so delightful to feel this immersion. In a short while, I found myself sliding in and out of this girl in a high pace. Soon, I couldn’t hold it no more – finished just like that.

“Shell I continue making cleanliness?” She asked me then. I didn’t mind, of course…



Ankara escorts girl is able to make Christmas sexy

Angelica wanted to make a Christmas surprise to her boyfriend Nick, with which they lived in his big house with 4 bedrooms for 7 months now. Their relationships were great in general and she loved him, though he never offered her anything more, like becoming his wife, for instance, which she would greatly want. Still, she was pretty satisfied with the current situation. In the upcoming Christmas Eve, she wanted Nick had a present, and she wanted it was special. But she has not yet come up with the specific idea.

Chatting with her female friends in the local store, trolling from one boutique to another, she wanted to know what they have prepared for their husbands. One bought a fancy kit of Cuban cigars. Another bought a new kit of joinery tools, for a husband’s hobby. The third prepared for both, her and him, a joint 2-days visit in the beauty & spa salon that was possible to make on a weekend. Nothing from these Angelica loved.They were finishing their stroll when she saw a new car on sale in the hall of the supermarket. It was bandaged with a huge fancy bowknot of red color. And that how she had this idea born in her pretty head. At some fugacious moment, she even felt as an Izmir escorts or Ankara escorts girl dressed in this petit cloth.

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6,701 days since my birthday. 578 966 400 seconds. Statistic tells that a human body needs 2 liters of liquid per day. It means I drank around 13.4 tons of water for my entire life. Every day when I go to study, I cross 21 miles to get from home to a place where all other students are educated. Only not like me, not students Ankara escort – as far as I know, only two students Ankara escort are in my educational facility. Me and Liz. I don’t know her well – we spoke once in a campus and then I saw her picture on the Internet with a lot of other call girls pretending to be students Ankara escort.