Ukrainian escort in Ankara puts her actions per one night into chronology
» » Ukrainian escort in Ankara puts her actions per one night into chronology
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15:15. Approaching the door of the Ukrainian escort in Ankara client named Luke. Ring the bell. Enter in.

15:25. Exited the shower in the different dress, just as he requested: a white body-fit dress made of cotton and lycra to underscore the curvature of my body with 105-60-95 cm. These three are circumferences that drive men sexually insane. He is eating me with eyes. Offers to sniff some white substance. I refuse, he sniffs. Instead, I drink vodka – can’t refuse to have a drink when he insists.

15:40. He sniffs white stuff from my bare breast while I light Marlboro cigarette (I like its softness), sitting on top of him having his dick inside of me. He warms up with vodka from time to time. We change the pose, now he’s from the back. I feel he sniffs my spine. It’s ticklish. He shoves it into my anus and works well there, putting fingers inside my pussy. Finishes. Drops off and lies back until he rests. I’m going to the shower.

16:10. I smoked two more cigarettes sitting and looking at the slowly dying evening sun though it’s still bright with a cup of coffee in the hand.

16:15. He is calling me to some party so we are going.

16:40. We’re here. Face control is passed. The place is roaring at the –3rd floor. True underground with rave music. The entire structure is a huge open space with iron cells on the perimeter – looks like abandoned old prison re-thought for parties. Luke meets a guy Mohammed, his acquainted and leaves us to bring more vodka. We are dropping on one of the tables by the dance floor. Mohammed asks me how I know Luke and I tell the truth I am from Ukrainian escort in Ankara agency. He offers me to earn extra.

16:50. I suck Mohammed’s dick in the toilet cabin. Take the money.

16:55. We have returned to our table. Three bottles of finest vodka are already waiting for us with dishes of snacks. We drink, chat, and laugh.

17:45. I invigoratingly dance on the dance floor, completely drunk and with a cigarette sticking out of my lips. Hanging on some fellow thinking it’s Mohammed and kissing him. 1 minute later, we passionately kiss sitting on some couch near the table. I looked around – this is our table and I’m kissing Luke. Continued doing it. Got under the table and unzipped his pants. Sucked Luke’s cock the best as Ukrainian girls Ankara do, he finished and sprinkled my face all over. I was too drunk to catch the moment and cover his dick with my mouth.

18:15. Washing Luke’s sperm off my face in the toilet.

18:20. When I got out of the toilet, Mohammed took me out of the party by my hand and we went to his fellow in the fancy limousine. Arrived at the place. Spacious house with wrong geometry and hugest windows more than walls. Wait a sec – is this a glass house with almost no walls? Went upstairs. I was about to fall off the stairs (who made those stupid stairs go in so many circles while going on the third floor?), Mohammed caught me.

19:00. I’m naked on the bed. Mohammed and Luke are watching at me, Ukrainian escort in Ankara girl. (Did Luke come with us from the club?). The third guy joined. I was about to ignite another cigarette as these three started making sex with me, occupying my mouth and pussy. Then they moved on the circle so the third can participate too, changing my holes every next round. At first, I felt Luke’s sperm on my lips, then it was Mohammad’s and then the third guy’s. I heard the third guy’s name – Angel. He smoked sitting in the chair watching me naked on the bed. We were alone in the room. He finished a cigarette, extinguished the butt in the ashtray and approached me for another round. This time I felt he cummed in my ass. Angel left the room.

20:15. Luke entered and told me to take a shower and get dressed, we are going to the next club.

21.30. We’re entering some glamorous place I’ve never been to. Three more shots of vodka-lemon and 4 more cigarettes. Luke sniffs his shit from my belly as I lay on the table in the darkness of downed neon lights. His friends join him – all new faces, I don’t see Mohammad or Angel amongst them. Some of them adopt the invitation of Luke and sniff the shit out of me with him. This time, they put it on my round buttocks. It stopped being ticklish.

23.30. Drinking and dancing. Guys didn’t want to kiss me for the last two hours, they only wanted me to suck their skin flutes. We went to the toilet five times: 4 guys and Luke.

00.50. I’m driving in Luke’s car – he told me he’s taking me, Ukrainian escort in Ankara girl, to the friend of his and it’s gonna be so much fun there. Luke is sniffing shit from my breast. I light another cigarette. The pack has emptied, I throw it away in the window.


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Last week, my boyfriend and I went to play billiards. He decided to surprise me and rented the entire room for several hours, asking the workers not to interrupt us. The surprise was that we were not alone there. We were to meet his friends at the entrance to the club exactly at ten o’clock in the evening. It was already dark outside when we left the house and took a taxi. I thought that the fun would begin at the club, but as it turned out, everything started much earlier. He constantly joked about the fact that I’m his personal girl from escort outcall / incall, and I laughed at it, but I realized after what he meant.

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What’s bizarre about the naming process in the Ankara escort is that a girl whom you meet, will most likely to have the name that will differ from her real one. It has several reasons for that, but one of them is the desire to possess a name that would be more beautiful than the one she has in the real life. For instance, let’s take name Natalie. It originates from the Latin word ‘natalis’ meaning ‘own’, ‘dear’, ‘darling.’ It is also largely connected with girls who originate from the countries of the past-USSR block. It is not a secret that all women coming abroad to the US, or any other English-speaking country, were mostly named Natasha by people around. And it is not only because of the popularity of a movie ‘Boris & Natasha’ of 1992 (that itself was a spin-off from ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle Show’) when all USSR men were named Borises and all women – Natashas in the minds of native English-speakers. The same as, for instance, John is a common name from the US and Jack – from the UK.