Escort girls Ankara sometimes don’t even see their clients but it doesn’t prevent them from making love
» » Escort girls Ankara sometimes don’t even see their clients but it doesn’t prevent them from making love
One of the escort girls Ankara gives a look of a professional seducer who has everything gorgeous: nice-looking sexy face, desiring facial expression, alluring breast that is not covered too much

I came to the address in Ankara city on time. Knocked at the door. Heard approaching steps. He opened the door. But I didn’t see the host – he hid behind the door. The apartment was good, I liked it from the first glance.

“Please come in and close your eyes, I don’t like to be seen, that’s my fetish,” he said me.

This client was at the base of our escort Ankara agency as the reliable one so I did as he said.

He closed the door behind me and put a non-transparent bandage on my eyes. Helped me undress and took me to the bathroom.

“Please apply the bandage on right after you leave the bathroom. Here I put money on the table – for 4 hours, as we agreed.” With these words, he left me in the shower room alone. I took the bandage off – the room was nice, made up of sandy-colored tile and looked rich. No reason not to trust a person with that shower room, I suppose.

The hot shower was great; the soap was natural and had a subtle odor without all these chemical, terribly strong smells. The guy definitely has the sense of style and knows how to take care of the body.

I put my bandage on after I dried myself up with a towel and, having a medium-wet hair, stepped into the room. My body was naked. Breasts of the 4th size were going up and down following my breathing. The chest turned into a flat belly with a navel decorated with cool piercing. It then turned into thighs of 110 cm in circumference (of which I proud, as they made me look very desirable and flashy to most of the men who met me on their way). And then sporty legs started ending with the 37th size of feet. Everything above-mentioned was covered with medium-dark suntan (more than bronze but less than milk chocolate and I was the most tanned from all escort girls Ankara).

“Please lay down on the bed now, I’ll lead you.” With these words, he gently took my hand and we approached the bed. I touched it to define its size & put my head on the pillows. Started waiting what’s next, in silence. He took my right arm, put a soft bandage on it, and fastened the other hand to the headboard. Then he did the same with the second arm. As both hands were fastened relatively tight (I could move 10-15 cm in the sides), he took my legs and put them in the side & up – like I was rising my legs to open the entrance to my pussy in a missionary pose, only tied up. He put the same soft bandages on legs too & fastened one and then – another. The eye bandage was on my eyes for all this time, as I remind you, so I couldn’t see what he was doing, only feel.

Now my pussy & an ass hole both were devilishly open to his sight & actions. Boobs were in the middle of this so he could penetrate me & hold both boobs at the same time. From my own experience of one of girls Ankara, this pose is loved by men the most, as it allows to completely control the situation & do anything.

He took the sticky tape, fastened it to the inner part of my thighs, and moved it to the sides to make my holes open even bigger. Now I felt the air could freely enter and exit me. He told me he’d apply some grease on and I immediately felt something greasy on and inside my holes as if he sprinkled me from a bottle with a massage oil. Then he introduced something prolonged into my ass hole and entered my pussy with his dick.

Together with motions of a skin pecker, he managed to move this thing in my butt in and out and I felt like I was fucked by two dicks at once. Though the second one was definitely not a dick – ‘twas not hot and not even warm, but of the room temperature.

Escort girls often receive something inside of them besides male penises. As Ankara escort service does pretty much everything and clients only pay for time, clients can do with us anything they want. Sometimes I feel not too well about it as there are clients with too perverted desires (like to shove a vacuum cleaner hose in a pussy or to watch if a bakery rolling pin can fit inside of me (and yes – it can)). But sometimes I feel excited as a client treats me as something fragile and tender, like this time. He was very accurate and I only lay there and received pleasure…

When we were over, he simply untied me and went to the other room while I was dressing – so I did not see the guy in person after all.


Escort in Ankara participates in threesome

My name’s David and I have a girlfriend named Mara. We are both 26, we’ve been dating for a year and a half now.

With this story from my person, I want to thank all girls from New Year Russian escort Ankara service and their organizers who make such fantastic servicing come true helping people entertain to the fullest. You can use this story at your own discretion.

It was Christmas time. I’ve been thinking what to give as a Xmas present to my girl and whether it could be a present for both. I asked her several times but she wasn’t answering me anything particular so I finally had to give up and bought her a plain ring with diamonds.

Ankara escort Whatsapp girl is playing a filthy nurse at a client’s home

Sadly, people almost stopped play sexual games when they are alone with a call girl (or, rather say, with an escort girl from the model agency – it’ll be more correct definition). Josephina from Ankara escort Whatsapp service was very disappointed with this fact. Lesser than one client from ten used to play any kind of games with her personally during their meetings. In 99% of the cases, it was simple vaginal, oral, anal (or combined) sex, with some extra elements like stripping or massaging. But people stopped pretending: almost none of them loved dressing up in various gowns, losing a lot (as she thought). For how can you not to lose in quality if a girl can dress up like a maid, stewardess, medical nurse and so on. The gown itself gives a more excitatory feeling of immersion into a parallel reality, emancipation and liberation from the blinkers one might have, getting free from the reality of this life. Even if the quality of life temporarily got visibly increased because you are now in the fancy hotel room, this doesn’t mean that you don’t want to make things better even further, being joined by a beautiful, gorgeous girl.