Young adult escort is in the midst of a story of a young hot-hearted man
» » Young adult escort is in the midst of a story of a young hot-hearted man
Young adult escort maiden is very slim and tanned – don’t you want to caress her skin or taste her lips?

For the first time, I met her, this Young adult escort girl, at a pool party at Nick’s. I was thunderstruck. You know, overwhelmed. By everything she was: her beauty, her unexplainable look of eyes, her posture, outfit, the way she moved. From that moment on, I really felt what love is. When the speech turned back to me, and I could see the world around again, not just her, I approached her and wanted to become acquainted. But she turned me down! Can you imagine that?! I was devastated. I’ve been approaching her for several more times on this pool party but every time, she just either walked away or just didn’t want to talk to me. Finally, she went somewhere and I’ve lost her off my sight.

I asked Nick, who was she but he didn’t know. Of course, not – pool parties are visited by tons of people and one hardly can tell that he knows everyone.

She just didn’t leave my mind since then: in from of my eyes, I kept seeing those small white sexy shorts that embraced her marvelous ass, not inflated but not flat – just right. Breasts of the third size were covered with a lemon-colored bra with pink strings connecting the two parts. The cheeky smile on the super-tanned face was completed with the same cheeky posture of a super-tanned body. Long white hair added a veil of mystery to the picture. Oh god, I really wanted to possess this girl!

Since I didn’t know, who was she and couldn’t find her contact data, I started to visit as many pool parties in the city as I could. I was scouring for her but she was as if lurking from me. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I even googled many options of ‘Hot girls of Ankara’ hoping to see her pic. And even used the query ‘Young adult escort’ somehow thinking she might be a girl exactly from young adult escort service who might have come to see someone particular on that party and that’s why she didn’t want to meet me (as in despair to find her, I couldn’t guesstimate another reasonable explanation).

Finally, I was thinking about giving up. And I did. After all, two months have passed but I haven’t found her.

So I went to a bar to get drunk. After one bottle of tequila was finished, I saw a newspaper on the bar counter. It was some commercial with a hot girl. I rechecked and couldn’t believe my eyes – it was that girl! I grabbed it closer and – oh, rejoice was in my soul! It was her, definitely her. She was, after all, a young adult escort girl. I grabbed the phone and called the number. Told I wanted the girl from the cover. They called me back and told she was fully booked two weeks from now. I think I can wait. So I booked her time 2 weeks + 1 day from now.

Oh, that day has come and I jollified! I really will see her! I counted minutes before her arrival.

Finally, she knocked at the door. I rushed to open, held on for a second to recheck my appearance in a mirror (for a thousand times today) and opened. I felt her smell, I believed my eyes. She. Was. Here. Smelling with flowers under the sun. I let her in and sat nearby, inhaling this marvelous smell I couldn’t resist.

Her skin had a perfectly even color of bronze chocolate tan, with bronzy tattoos on both arms. I touched them and felt the smoothness and softness of a girl.

I offered her a drink, she gulped it and coughed. She looked at me & I kissed her. Kissed in a way as I have never kissed anyone before. Maybe it was my imagination, but it was the tenderest, the best kiss of my life. Her lips could serve as a standard of softness that should be put into Weights and Measures Department of all countries of the world.

I slightly pushed her strap off the shoulder and her breast opened to me, full of youth, as one shall expect only from the best of the best of young adult escort ladies. Another one opened to me as well and I couldn’t help but look at both, two 3rd-sized perfections with brown tops of nipples of 3 cm in diameter. They were slightly descending and ascending as she was breathing. I touched them and kissed her lips in a long kiss, while my hands were studying this blameless breast. My mind was totally taken by that girl. In a pulse of passion, I stood up and took her to go to a bedroom with me.

I’m closing the doors of the bedroom and – let the fun begins!


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She remembered how she was at a party at the club, danced under flowing music, drank cocktails and… now she was lying on the bed on the silk bedclothes, like a Russian escort girl in Ankara on a date with a client.

How did I get here? The image of a young, tall man comes up in memory. He was like a fairytale. Irresistible, gorgeous. He breathed power and success. He seemed to have approached and asked the bartender to treat me with his favorite cocktail.

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Long before I started working as an Ankara escort girl, I was a student at a local college. It is called Ufuk University or something like that, can’t remember now – I haven’t been working on my basic college specialty not even for a day, so I never took out my diploma from the shelf since I got it. Anyway, I was a student of the third grade, when this exciting story had happened.