Ankara fetish escort lady is telling in colors how she loves to be greased
» » Ankara fetish escort lady is telling in colors how she loves to be greased

Hey, everyone! I’m Kiriusha and this is my story. Well, rather not a story – as what I’m about to say has no single narrative line. It is about how much I love to be greased. Imagine that you have a tanned girl in your hands that loves to cover all her body with all sorts of substances that make her greased: body oils, cooking oils, peanut butter, vaseline, creams for face and body… If you wanna play with me not only in your bedroom or a kitchen, I definitely feel good to make it in the bathroom or wherever – and you can use shampoos, hair masks, shaving creams, liquid soap and alike to grease me up, your humble Ankara eskort Kizlar chick.

In fact, I remember once I was booked and a client wanted to cover me with a shampoo outside of the bathroom. So here I stand on high red heels and wear nothing more but just my smell of an eskort Kız Ankara. I’m in the center of the living room of his hotel number on some amazingly high floor (like 30th or something) and I watch outside the panorama window. I feel almost like I can touch clouds – so high we were. My legs are apart very wide and arms on the waist. I’m waiting for his actions. He takes this 1-liter shampoo and just pours on my skin, starting from the shoulders, leaving the head intact. The chilling transparent liquid runs down my body and I shutter time after time because it’s tickling my skin.

In those places where the shampoo isn’t reaching, my eskortlar Ankara client pours it on purposefully to cover me completely – obviously, he wants that every last cell of my body was covered with this substance. And when I realize that, I get horny like the horniest Ankara eskort Kizlar – and my pussy starts to flow even bigger than it was before. I want his dick inside of me – and especially when the shampoo covers my genitals and ass. Shampoo drops on the floor with unhurried dark droplets that stay relatively round for quite a long time after they get down, not like water acts. My Eskortlar Ankara legs are almost completely covered now. Finally, he finishes the bottle and throws it away. Approaches closer and starts rubbing the greasy substance all over. He starts with my 3rd-size boobs, impatiently rubbing them. His hands cover in a shampoo very shortly. I touch his erect cock. He makes a moan giving me a non-verbal allowance to continue and so I start fucking him with my hand. He switches to my pussy, completely wet from shampoo and my own juices. He rubs my pussy and ass, using both hands to roam my body with wide moves. It is impossible to grab me tight because of such extensive greasing – and you know, this is the biggest advantage of being greased. I don’t like to be grabbed but I like to be pampered (for instance, some other escorts in Ankara girls love to be grabbed, slammed, and BDSM-ed, but not me). I like tenderness. Shortly, I make him cum – just as he wants. His sperm hits my leg and flows slowly down on the floor. It is not mixed with shampoo – the whitish stream runs down on its own. It’s fun to watch it.

The next case was when Oleg – the other dude’s name – wanted to try how fast would it take for butter to melt on my pussy. He sat in a chair and put my bare buttocks on his lap. The 100-grams pack of butter was on the table when I came to his apartment. And now he took it and put the unpacked surface on my pussy, right on top. It was the case when a client got high just doing nothing – we were motionless for about 20 minutes. He just sat and watched it melts and runs down with yellow streams through my pussy down on his bathrobe. I was just lying there on his laps and feeling as it melts. From time to time, I swayed my buttocks just to make it fun. And strained-relaxed them as if preparing for a twerking dance. What happened next? After it melted, he just paid me and I left after taking a shower. He didn’t even want to have sex with my greased pussy – well, sometimes it is like that.

So the bottom line is – if you want to make all sorts of greasing fun with a girl – choose me, as I love that shit. Now you know my fat secret.

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People are weird. Sometimes too weird. Sometimes they order something usually people run from. Like this guy. Named Mickel. Yes, there is no mistake in the name. Mickel Yorio. Probably, he was a guest from Scotland in our city. As he had a too strange accent hard to identify. Or maybe Ireland. But not his accent accentuated on his weirdness, no. It was his desire. He wanted to have a sick girl from Ankara escort girls service. Probably the one having flu, cold, or their sort. He found it arousing, supposedly. lover meets in a café with her old boyfriend and passion inflames between them

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