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The full list of services done by our girls on is provided here, the same as on their personal pages. They are ready to offer you the absolutely extensive list of already included in the basic price wild things like BJ, OWO, COB, CIM, doggy style and many others. Only you select which ones do you want to use and which must be forsaken for now. If you desire something additional, you should discuss this with us prior ordering a girl and, once she is in your embraces, but you have an idea of some extras, you should the same discuss it with her. Nothing is impossible, we are sure in that, and the decision arises in communication.

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Additional and extra

Additional and extra embraces all other things that were not included in the list above. It can be games or dresses only you know and invent. What exactly? Let’s see… Try to insert a horsetail in the butt of a girl and hop on top of her, so she can be a horse and you – a cavalry unit. Along with this, she may be naked and you will be dressed as a trooper with a saber in your hand. Don’t think this game is good enough? That’s okay – just invent yours. And when you will be ready to order a pussycat for tonight, tell us about your special preferences so we can organize everything dependable on us.

Amateur or professional masseuse

Amateur or professional masseuse is a lady, who has been engaged in massage for hundreds of hours and/or has special education. She knows how to apply her hands, which will delve you into the abysm of pleasure. No matter if she is a professional or an amateur in this activity, the time spent for this will be very pleasing and will take into account all your desires. If you want the massage to smoothly flow into something more depraved – just tell her about it and every your desire will be immediately implemented.

Anal sex

Anal sex is a great chance to feel the tightness of another hole of a girl. Any of them can usually serve you in three their holes. It is the fact. But the reality inputs its correctives sometimes. Some are better in anal sex than in other types of it. And some girls tend to deny making anal love for a number of current reasons. So if you really want it and surely hope it to be realized on your hot date – pick a girl who will definitely implement it. All our lovers are tagged with a number of services they do, including this one. It does not matter they can’t do others, not listed ones. To be sure, call us for details.

Anal/vaginal fisting

Anal/vaginal fisting. Did you know that vagina could stretch into a really big opening? It is lesser applied to the anal hole but still, it is highly elastic. If you practice something irregular like fisting (shoving your hand into pussy or ass), you should pick a girl, whose list of services includes this one. They are more elastic and it’ll take you much lesser time to do it with a girl expecting this than with a girl, who has never done this before.

Pleasure received by a man from fisting is high. Most girls also receive high from this but the procedure itself requires some preparation to make holes stretch. You can’t just start it in the first minute of your date. Knowing that, book a little bit more time than you initially expect.


BDSM is what some people call the real sex. It is slow, it is elegant and hard at the same time. It usually takes much more time than just classical sex. Sometimes it goes for an entire day. When the object is tied and immobilized, his or her partner can do whatever he wants with the object’s body. It is so thrilling and arousing that only a few men would deny themselves in trying such a good thing as BDSM love. It is not about romanticism, elevated feelings, or platonic love. It is about the fleshiness, core, and dirt of love as it is, with all its arousing heaviness.

Blowjob with protection

Blowjob with protection must be one of the most pleasant yet protected ways of receiving pleasure. We don’t call you for having only this type of sex – it is not exclusive and if you want something more – definitely, have it. However, blowjob with protection takes the least energy from all other ways of making sexual fun so it is profitable for a man to have it – you don’t have to move, as a girl will do everything you like. You can profitably combine it with other types of sex; nothing prevents you from doing that.

Blowjob without protection

Blowjob without protection is to let you feel everything. Not all verges of feelings are reachable in a condom, even despite the fact that today they are done extremely thin. Some of the condoms are even marked as ‘invisible’ – so thin they are. But even then, they may interfere with 100% quality of feelings a man wants to receive during his date with a girl from our model agency. To make sure he will have the thing he likes, we’ve launched the service of giving a blowjob without a condom, as we understand the real needs of our clients. Now you can receive it at any time of the day and year.

Classic sex

Classic sex is a thing that has been invented at the dawn of humankind and is still a number-one popular variance of sex. We don’t think that the things will change dramatically even after a million years from now, despite the insane number of options that have arisen for all these years. Based on numerous studies in the world on this issue, classical sex and classical pose are used in each sexual contact by more than 90% of the human population. It means that in at least 9 out of 10 cases, people choose to have classic sex, and only in 1 out of 10, they are eager for something more.

Cum in the oral cavity

Cum in the oral cavity can make you feel a better man, more powerful than you were a second ago. More masculine that you were before the girl came to you. Better than any other man living on Earth right now. Better than yourself a moment before. This makes you feel a king of the world and the possessor of this particular girl. If you sit atop of her when your jizz comes into her mouth, this feeling of overwhelming becomes devastatingly strong. If she takes your sperm in the mouth when you lie down – it is a good thing too but a little bit lesser powerful. Enjoy this exclusive feeling and remember that it is always accessible to you through our model agency.

Cum on ass/back

Cum on ass/back is appropriate when you want to feel mightiness over the girl you are currently fucking. The sperm will flow on her ass, back, sides, and it looks so esthetic. It is lesser than a piece of art but bigger than just coming inside of her. It is a separately felt pleasure, which is hard to deny. If you have ever cum on the girl’s back or ass, you should know that exceptional feeling. The feeling of the greatness of mind, and greatness of your deeds. Something that elevates you above the daily routine.

Cum on face/hair

Cum on face/hair is a fine chance to copy scenes from porn. You have seen them – when the white flows of semen come to her face, into eyes, and on hair, it looks so intriguing. Especially knowing the fact that your sperm contains billions of alive creatures. They are there, in the midst of these whitish flows. The girl with the face covered with these little creatures will look erotic for you.

Cum on tits

Cum on tits is a chance to add more vivacity to your date. See the flows of your biological liquid on the resilient tits of a woman you have selected to be your nymph tonight. If this picture will not excite you, then we don’t know what will. What is good about this frank service is that you can do it over and over without fearing the risk of pregnancy (unlike unprotected sex without a condom inside a girl’s pussy). Boobs will be your canvas to make an extreme painting.

Deep blowjob

A deep blowjob is when a girl takes your dick and puts it really deep into her mouth. So deep in fact that you can reach her throat in most cases. It is when you pass through her oral cavity and went deep into the larynx, which is located in the neck. It is erotic because a girl can lick your penile trunk with her tongue at the same time as your little head touches the walls of her throat, doubling a pleasure you receive. Doing this, a girl puts lips to your pubis, where the basis on the penis is located. And she can even leave the mark of a lipstick on it (this is another arousing factor of why you should try this service).

Doing it like dogs

Doing it like dogs means standing in a doggie position while fucking. Dogs and cats do it in the way as nature considered right when created their biology. They fit very closely together and so the penetrations they do occur smooth, deep, and effective. In fact, it is the most effective pose from all existing ones in sex. It even beats the missionary pose by its efficiency for the time of cumming (it occurs faster), powers that both of sex mates spend during having it compared to any other, and the tightness of movements. No wonder, it is one of the most loved poses in people all over the globe.

Games of fetish

Games of fetish will bring you so much satisfaction – you can only imagine it. Every your sex partner adds something specifically new into your game. The way a new girl looks in sexy apparel that you bought for her is unique even if the apparel is the same for each new girl. They can be playful black-leather kittens, maids, secretaries, flamboyant fetish masters of especial salon… They also can apply a hundred other roles you desire for them. Fetish can be anything, any item, object, attire, or image. What specifically your fetish is – is up to you. But if you want a girl take anything with her on a date with you, and you don’t have it along, you have to inform us prior to your meeting.

Girl acting like your girlfriend

Girl acting like your girlfriend is one of the most heart-touching services. She can pretend she is your girlfriend. When would you want to request such a service? Well, there are situations in life when you just have to show that you really do have a girlfriend: your folks keep asking you when they will see your GF and you want to comfort them; your pals don’t believe you have one and you have got to justify; your boss gave you an invitation to a ‘+1’ party, where everybody has to be with wife or girlfriend. You can agree on the story of your acquaintance and tiny details people would ask you both to make this play believable.

Giving the golden shower

Giving the golden shower is one of the good services. When you pee on someone, it is a combination of several feelings working at once: power, sex, contempt, and the desire to stand on top of someone who is got peed. It is hard to tell, which component of the named prevails, maybe they all equally dominant. However, the great feeling you have during this is comparable to a few things in the world only. Everyone has the own list of compared things and we’re sure you have yours. Almost every girl in our catalog desires to give you this service, as they know that a man feels powerful for many occasions and one more occasion is always profitable – for them and for you.

Impersonating characters

Impersonating characters means playing the games of dressing in some image that you find arousing. You can be a sexy policeman and she will be your pink bunny you would want to arrest. Or you can be a driver of a racing car and she can be, let’s say, a sports lover, a groupie, who insanely wants to meet with you to please you in any imaginable matter. Or you can be a strict teacher and she will be lazy and stupid blonde, who wants an ‘A’ mark for your exam. There are a billion of possible images and their combinations. You can try one or several with each new girl every day and every night – and we wish you a hefty wealth to deal with all challenging images

Leather and lashes

Leather and lashes are what arouse men a lot. If their woman is dressed in black or red leather, it gives a powerful push to not only imagination but also action, as if she is here and dressed like that, it means your pleasure tonight is totally guaranteed. If she takes a lash in her hands and swipes it from side to side, it means even more – that you will be pleasantly punished for being a bad, bad boy. Then she will make you cry from pain and pleasure at the same time when whipping your skin with this lash. Up and down, back and forth… Until you surrender to her especial charms and fall in the abysm of saturated pleasure and lustful visions of her in this arousing leather.


Lesbians are so smooth in their sweat bodies when they lay on top of each other, passionately kissing each one’s lips, caressing cunts of each other with lecherous long thin fingers with sparkling red nail polish on them. They plunge those inside of selves, making the roars of voluptuousness and sighs of turpitude. Their elastic breasts have now super hard nipples, so hardened that they can literally cut through the sheet of metal – so horny they are. Their tongues explicitly roam the oral cavity of each other, kissing and caressing lips, teeth, and sucking what can be sucked on their erotic bodies…

Lick a girl’s pussy

Lick a girl’s pussy is literally to feel as she gets hotter and hotter from each of your smooth drives of a tongue on the wet and greased surface of her cunt. Neatly shaved pussy is flowing with more juices as you stuck your tongue into her cavity. When the hardness of tongue is not enough, you use nose for that, shoving it there and moving from side to side, hearing squelching but arousing sounds of her wettest pussy. You are literally eating her only without biting. So deep and so smooth – as it only may be seamless with the top of girls – basically, every girl we have in our splendid collection of fleshy and thin lovers.

Massage with happy ending

Massage with happy ending is a good work with a hand, first of all. But as we are the best, when girls from our online catalogs do this massage for you, not only hands are in use. They attach to this work all their body, literally sliding with it on your surface, from both sides. They do this naked or wearing only a thin strip of underwear – following your decision. Their soft and tangible boobs are roaming your body, making you feel pleasant. Especially after a long tiresome day. When you are enough massaged and feel perfectly well to make this sweet temptation end, just give a sign and a girl will lead you to the height of Chomolungma in a minute or less, extensively working on your erect cock.

Pretending your secretary

Pretending your secretary is something from the limits of your ancient desires – fuck a woman from your work. The thing is that we spend the biggest part of our awakened time on work. No wonder that people happen to feel all gamut of emotions during such a huge piece of time – from enjoyment (when receiving a salary), to happiness (when some project is finally realized), to desire (when this attractive female colleague comes to work in skin-tight gray costume with short skirt). If you are included in this hefty share of men who wants to fuck their colleague, a girl from our model agency, who would pretend to be your sexy secretary, is just right for the correct sexual discharge.

Receiving the golden shower

Receiving the golden shower means that a girl selected by you will pee on your body and/or face. It may be arousing in two cases: 1) if you have never tried it before and 2) you tried and you loved it. What are the chances you won’t love the service? Well, nobody can tell what’s in your head but what we do know is that there are recurring clients, which come to our agency over and over just for the specific service – this one.

The warmness of her current running from a pee hole will add extra sensations – agree, you didn’t actually think that the urine is warm, almost hot? When it comes straight out of a living person, it is like soft milk in consistency, smell, and warmness.

Services for two or a group

Services for two or a group come in handy when you want to entertain not only yourself but also your partner. Oh, you can have several partners, like two or three. At the same time. And our call girl will be a great addition to your sex night as she will make love with all your partners, the same good as she will be with you. It can be a group sex or one by one – doesn’t matter, it will always stay of high quality. Her body can be used from the first to the last minute of your date and you will ask for more. If you do – know that there is an option of extending services for another period of time.

Sex with many people at once

Sex with many people at once is required when you plan to have a big party with a lot of invited people. They all can be your friends or you may not even know them, after all, as it happens when you organize a really cool party. But even if you will know all of a few invitees, you still think of how to entertain them all. And the best solution for a company of physically strong men in active sexual age will be inviting a great girl from our catalog. It almost does not matter, which one you love to order – as they all do this service. It is like having sex with one guy several times. Only this time, it’ll be one time with several guys. Almost the same.

Showing items inside vagina/ass

Shoving items inside vagina/ass will be to the liking of some men, surely. They love to explore the limits of stretching of a pussy and ass hole of girls. That’s what actually they order models from our agency for: not for sex itself but for what their elastic inner cavities can propose.

Not only long-shaped objects can fit there. Did you know that you could shove a phone in a pussy and call on it? Be sure to set it on buzzing regimen of work so it only ‘bzzzzzz, bzzzzzz’-ed in there. It is a nice sensation for a girl and a good entertainment for you. Also, put earphones there as well and turn the music on – and a girl will hear the waves of music with her cunt.

Strip poker and other games

Strip poker and other games. Feel a lucky player? Then this type of service is for you – play cards with girls and make them strip each time you win. The more you win the more they turn naked. But this is a tricky service too. Why? Because if you won’t strip (only girls will), then what’s the point of winning if you can’t fuck them while you are not undressed? But if you undress just like that – it will be a violation of rules of a strip poker and complete loss of any sense of playing it. What does it practically mean? That you have to lose approximately same frequent as you win to make sense of it. As in the end, there will be no losers ;)


Striptease danced by a girl is always exciting. Her body is working on your eyes, music flows from the speaker put in your apartment or hotel room… The sexiness of her tanned skin gets you higher with each next movement of her elastic body… She is heated and takes clothes off her, piece by piece, getting gradually naked complementing the process with staggering moves. You feel youth of the body that is stripping here for you, see her sparkling eyes in the half-shaded room you both are in… And your only desire is to sit this beauty fast on your iron-hard cock, which is already tearing the zipper of the pants…

Watching a girl caresses self

Watching a girl caresses self is one of the biggest attractions for men, who only love to watch. Sometimes, you don’t want to do anything but watch. Sometimes, it is the only way left for a man to receive pleasure from eroticism. We don’t wanna know why you feel this service the best for you but we do know that every girl from our model escort agency is capable of making you pleased in this way.

She can start on her own and guide her hands through the entire process to the very orgasm in silence. Or you can guide her at any moment. She can do it just with her body or with yours/your partner’s. It is always enticing to see how your partner is caressed by someone.

Watching as a girl is fucked

Watching as a girl is fucked may be arousing for a number of reasons. First of them is if a girl is your regular sex partner, then thought that someone obtains her sexually puts much more hormones into your bloodstream, arousing and exciting you. If she is a call girl and she is been fucked by someone you know (like your brother, partner, friend, or just some dude) – it is a different set of hormones but the excitatory part is still on the position #1 in this. This service does not imply that if you watch this happening you can’t participate or replace the partner of a girl. Sure, you can! That’s only a part of the game, where the rules are set by you.

Working with hands

Working with hands of a girl is a good relaxation for a man. It does not matter, in what time of the day this erotic service is offered – morning, day, evening, night… It stays erotic no matter what. Only the skills of a girl really matter. Let us assure you that as for skills of our lovers, they are high-class. Girls only differ in the softness of hands, length of time they are able to play with you and individual traits of hand movements of each lady. Pleasure is guaranteed. And it can be combined with any other service – like a striptease, BDSM, or whatever you choose.