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I like to be greased. Maybe even more than many other Escort Ankara Whatsapp girls do. Usually, baby oil serves as good grease, as it is hypoallergenic and makes the smoothest sliding ever. Sometimes clients of Escort Ankara Whatsapp service prefer to order more than one girls – to meet the specific goals. Like it was this time – we were ordered in three: me and two other pussies.

Upon arrival to the location, we saw the room all covered with a blue film. It was put on top of something soft and springy, like a foam rubber. As we stepped on it, we were told that our clients planned something more exciting than just an ordinary sex: all three of us supposed to undress, get greased on and struggle on the floor. In a meantime, they will film it all and take pictures.

It would not be a real struggle, though: we would going to just pretend it, making it fun and very sexy to watch. Escort Ankara Whatsapp do something like this show from time to time and you know what – we always have a huge fun during this!

The entire process was looking from the side as if porn film – with all stages from girls’ arrival, to their undressing and greasing, and to stepping on the arena to make a struggle for fun. Usually, if you love films like these, in the end, girls are joined with some guys (nobody asks, of course, from where did they arrive) and altogether, they make fun to the fullest from the situation. I didn’t know if we were going to be joined by guys but even like this, it was going to be pretty exciting.

As the other girls were getting gradually undressed posing for cameras more than doing stuff, I was already naked and greasing myself (I don’t love preliminaries too much – that’s just so me). I started from my breasts and shoulders, getting all attention of operators in a very short manner. My associates, seeing me receiving all attention, got undressed fast and started applying grease the same sexy (or even trying to surpass me in this to return the camera oculars’ attention). I think, operators never saw three girls from Escort Ankara Whatsapp service at once with so hot bodies putting on grease simultaneously. It was definitely like a start of a porn movie now. Someone started to scratch my back sexy and applying more oil to it. I turned to her and started doing the same, playing with her boobs, arousing the men’s public.

We all were asked to transfer on the film as drops of oil started to drop on the unsecured floor. Then we continued our mutual excitement. I took a huge sprinkle of oil from our big bottle and splashed it on other girl’s ass, clapping her skin with my palms. The third comrade started to make the same with both of us, spreading oil all over our surface with both her hands. At some point, we all started to use our playful fingers with more joy, allowing them to rub tits, squeeze nipples, and going between buttocks, reaching the sacred places of each other. Then, after a command of a site director, we started our struggle.

The most convenient way to do it is to stand on your knees. In that minute, I thoughtfully thanked our clients for putting a foamy basis under the film, as it would be hard to stand on knees, especially when you are fighting with slimy girls and tend to fall on the floor all the time.

The heat of our jesting struggle was similar for me to a pillow fight that girls do in the silly movies, only without pillows. We were raising our asses, legs, head, boobs, and other body parts in the air, knocking down each other from legs, pushing each one here and there, laughing like insane children. Soon, our bodies flashed before the eyes so vividly and energetically, that as if younglings full of zeal. I got really excited from such physical activity and was laughing non-stop.

To my slight disappointment, no guys joined us in the end but there was some more sexual context, as we were asked in the end to use dildos to shove in each other. The directed part of our day began. They gave us voice instructions how to stand, how to show our sexual advantages and holes, and we obeyed them. In the final cut, they were filming our pussies in a close-up with a dildo protruding out of there.

We got our money on hands and were free to go.

“How about having a coffee?” I asked two other girls once in the fresh air. They agreed.

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For the first time, I met her, this Young adult escort girl, at a pool party at Nick’s. I was thunderstruck. You know, overwhelmed. By everything she was: her beauty, her unexplainable look of eyes, her posture, outfit, the way she moved. From that moment on, I really felt what love is. When the speech turned back to me, and I could see the world around again, not just her, I approached her and wanted to become acquainted. But she turned me down! Can you imagine that?! I was devastated. I’ve been approaching her for several more times on this pool party but every time, she just either walked away or just didn’t want to talk to me. Finally, she went somewhere and I’ve lost her off my sight.

An escort in Ankara girl was having sex with a sullen fellow who lived in the cabin in the thickets

It was a nice Sunday to walk in the nearby forest, to have a hike there for several hours just to refresh the thoughts and make the body remember how is it – to walk with two legs for a long time. So, a girl from escort Ankara grabbed a little hiking bag and got out of her airless apartment.

In an hour, she was already away from the popular forest routes with bustling people and left alone with herself and nature around. The birds were singing. It was extremely nice and warm in this July sunny day. The air’s temperature was just fine – perfection, in one word. She strolled amongst the trees inhaling the great scent of blossoming flowers.