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What’s bizarre about the naming process in the Ankara escort is that a girl whom you meet, will most likely to have the name that will differ from her real one. It has several reasons for that, but one of them is the desire to possess a name that would be more beautiful than the one she has in the real life. For instance, let’s take name Natalie. It originates from the Latin word ‘natalis’ meaning ‘own’, ‘dear’, ‘darling.’ It is also largely connected with girls who originate from the countries of the past-USSR block. It is not a secret that all women coming abroad to the US, or any other English-speaking country, were mostly named Natasha by people around. And it is not only because of the popularity of a movie ‘Boris & Natasha’ of 1992 (that itself was a spin-off from ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle Show’) when all USSR men were named Borises and all women – Natashas in the minds of native English-speakers. The same as, for instance, John is a common name from the US and Jack – from the UK.

Or, for instance, let’s take name Alla. This is purely Russian name, it is totally common spread in the post USSR, in the territories where Russian natives are common. In other countries falling off USSR – Asian, and now European ones – this name is carried only by the oldest generation when it is not a proper name for children anymore.

Lena is a beautiful Greek (and also German) name that is widely used now by Slavic people too. So many beautiful and powerful women in history were named Elena (Helen) that it is hard to count them all. Those wearing this name are associated with great warriors, conquerors, and it is mostly associated with such translations: bright, shiny, torch, chosen, and fire. It probably originates from the original name of Greeks – they called themselves ‘ellins’ and ‘Elena’ is an option of the name of the entire bunch of people. That is why someone thinks that Elena should also be translated as a ‘Greek woman’.

Sofia is just a beautiful name and it mostly isn’t associated with Russian people, as this name rather belongs to Americans and Jews. Still, Russians use much of world’s achievements and they took Sofia name in the public life a long time ago.

Eveline is a way too sophisticated name, and it belongs to the Western world, mostly to non-English speakers. The name is common in France, for instance.

Now let us tell you a little about our girls from site with the same names.

Lena is a great specialist in doing CIM (come in mouth) service. Not another day can pass without her making this service to her clients. She loves the sensation of it and the way it works during sex. She adores being fucked and ducked in this intimate way and she is a big goodness of CIM (come in mouth) service.

Natalie adores making COB (cum on body) service. This what makes her feel alive – as the pulsating flows of sperm fall on her body and she feels them with the skins’ cells. There is nothing better for her in the morning and in the evening than to feel as the hot jets are ending their path on her body, and she is ready to deliver any piece of her vivid and glorious body to this.

Alla may look like a shy girl, but she literally gets insane when having sex with couples. She may do it all night long and nothing will prevent her from delivering you the best offer of what she loves the most – having sex with COUPLES. Her innocent face and deep throat is a killing combination that is rarely found in escort girls.

Eveline is full of passion but has little surprises. She does DFK (deep French kiss) very excitingly and if you want to experience sensationally well done DFK (deep French kiss), you should not hesitate when ordering this girl to your place, whatever it is – a hotel room or a private mansion.

Sofia is a big specialist in extraball (have sex many times). She does it fantastically well, and you have to try really hard to make her exhausted. It was only once in the lifetime and since then, she practices this service continuously in order to have the sustainable and durable body.


Ankara escort girl is making sex with her client on a fancy private boat

A girl from Ankara Russian escort named Veronica was now on a white boat of her client from this Turkish city. They were heading to a bunch of small islands located in some half an hour of water drifting from the seashore. The tanned girl looked as a queen of Ankara escort agency: full breasts of the 3rd size, devilish desire to give and receive love. The fact that she was a call girl meant nothing to her as she was earning well. Actually, in most of the times, this understanding excited her and allowed to feel more depraved in times when she gave love to men of Turkey.

One of Ankara girls participates in a game

There was a time when she, Nika, was not a one from Escort girls in Ankara. She recalls a story that occurred to her 6 years ago. It was an exciting time when she was at the streamlined peak of her sexual energy and she was trying a lot of things. One of such was games. Not just any games, obviously, but the ones with a good ending. And excitatory. Especially excitatory.