Ukrainian escort in Ankara combines sex with bow sports
» » Ukrainian escort in Ankara combines sex with bow sports

I liked Mike when I first saw him. Good-looking guy of about 25, he somehow resembled me Prince Charming. I wouldn’t say, though, I am his princess. Rather, Elsa – this cute Ice Queen with blue hair and a possibility to turn everything to ice, but who did not have a prince in her life. His Ukrainian escort in Ankara princes.

When he offered me to use a bow with arrows equipped with sticky suckers instead of speared ends, I couldn’t imagine, how exactly did he want to use those.

He asked me to get undressed and stand at the wall. Then he took this arrow that looked like a toy in his hands (and it was a toy) and started shooting arrows at me. Sticky and light plastic arrows sucked to my body and tickled my skin. Out of 10 arrows he shot, 7 stuck firmly without falling. At some moment, I was similar – in my head – to a wacky hedgehog.

He approached and started kissing me in every one of those places, to which arrows stuck. It was pleasant and heating. I definitely did not play this game any time before serving to Ukrainian escort in Ankara clients. He was looking at me with mischievous eyes so I understood this game is not over yet.

He asked me to turn my back to him and bend. He started shooting my buttocks. Now, 10 out of 10 arrows stuck – and two of them hit my anus hole: one covered it completely, giving a 100/100 bull’s eye and the second was very close to it. He approached again and kissed me in all of those places where arrows were, leaving the bull’s eye one for the end.

When finally he approached to it, he first gently removed it and then softly touched the spot upon his lips, as if desiring to know all of me only from one touch. It was so gentle that I even forgot about the sexual side of this.

For the third time, he specifically wanted to hit my pussy. I expect this was about to be a start of his bolder actions. Several arrows hit the pussy and some stayed vacuum-glued. What happened then was expected by me, an experienced girl from Ukrainian escort in Ankara service: he approached and put his lips first to my pussy. But then I didn’t expect: he turned me towards him and kissed in the lips. Passionately. So passionately as if 20 arrows at once hit my lips. Though I’m pretty sure none of them did.

He then put his tanned arms under my pretty buttocks and, lifting me up, softly descended on the bed. Then he brought me to the edge of the bed and put my legs in the air, opening my classy pussy to his erect cock. In his eyes, it was seen that he wishes to implement his fleshy desires that he wanted to do together with Ukrainian escort in Ankara girl. However, he did not approach me hard – everything he did after was filled with tenderness and some higher passion, of which only he was aware.

When he finished, I wanted to play with him in the same arrow game he was playing with me. So I would kiss every place in which I hit. It took some time to learn to use a bow – and the first three arrows hit him quite differently: in the forehead, in a belly, and in a foot soil (as he was lying on the bed). So I had to kiss them all, which was especially entertaining with the head, which I kissed the last: when I was about to do it, he grabbed me and fulfilled the second round of sexual interaction. Making me this time after a short rest, I think, he showed even bigger energy than at the first time.

I wondered would he do it thirdly and with what passion. So in 3 minutes, I was specifically trying to point at his cock and the head. I managed to hit a dick in 3 times out of 10 attempts and once – in the head, hitting his nose this time. After that, he refused to play the game preventing me from hitting his eyes. But I still had to kiss him – 4 times in general, giving three to cock. I got so much involved in the process that kissing gradually and naturally transformed into making a blowjob – and in a minute, he was already holding my head with arms, pushing me to finish him. He obviously did not want to move much. So I gave him such a pleasure – working for about 5 or 10 minutes on his erect fellow, which was pulsing in my mouth, giving me hot flashes of its sturdiness.

When I filled my mouth with his sweet semen, I looked into his eyes and saw there more desire. So I just opened the mouth, letting the sperm flow down my chin and body – and he really enjoyed the picture.

Ukrainian escort in Ankara

Ankara cheap escorts maiden will let you play with her body, doing everything without the rest – to sexually satisfy yourself. She looks prettier when she is smiling but when she does not – a bigger veil of sexuality goes at her. Utilize her damn well-built body to fly high in the skies – you can do it today.

Ankara cheap escorts maiden will let you play with her body, doing everything without the rest – to sexually satisfy yourself. She looks prettier when she is smiling but when she does not – a bigger veil of sexuality goes at her. Utilize her damn well-built body to fly high in the skies – you can do it today.


Escort agency in Ankara woman is having a good time in the forest during the day off

Sara was tired. Tired of everything – her job, colleagues, traffic jams, bad-working microwave oven, heat of the summer city covered in dust and permeated with cafes and restaurants all looking the same, newspapers that brought only sad news, faded apartment that never looked at the sun with its gray windows, lack of passion in life, and much more. On the Internet, she found out a proposition to take a rest for several days in the cabin in the woods that had a fairly nice price and was valuable for her: there was a lake there, clear forest air, a little store in the city if she needed anything. But the best thing for her was a quiet rest, wooden house of a type of a cabin with the fireplace and total representation to oneself. She could listen to squeaks of pines, as squirrels rustle in the trees, as birds chirr and chat, as fireplace crackle – this all contributed to her happiness and tranquility.

Escort girls Ankara sometimes don’t even see their clients but it doesn’t prevent them from making love

I came to the address in Ankara city on time. Knocked at the door. Heard approaching steps. He opened the door. But I didn’t see the host – he hid behind the door. The apartment was good, I liked it from the first glance.

“Please come in and close your eyes, I don’t like to be seen, that’s my fetish,” he said me.

This client was at the base of our escort Ankara agency as the reliable one so I did as he said.

He closed the door behind me and put a non-transparent bandage on my eyes. Helped me undress and took me to the bathroom.