Russian escort Ankara relieves tension before the audition for a role in a musical
» » Russian escort Ankara relieves tension before the audition for a role in a musical
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I worried as a hell. Teeth got ache so much that they were like itching from the inside – you probably know this horrible feeling of huge worrying and anticipation at the same time. My turn for the auditioning, judging from the number, I got on my hands, was approximately in an hour and a half. I tried to relax but nothing seemed to help. Every time I exhaled deeply and tried to immerse myself in asana, the treacherous feeling came back to me soon once again. I couldn’t help it – that’s just all me.

I went into the toilet as when I worry, I wanna pee. The toilet area was mutual for both men and women – a pity but, I suppose, a necessity if it is located in a large filming pavilion with hundreds of extras. At least, cabins are closed so I came there. Finishing, in the lobby with hand washers and driers, I saw a charming man. He was washing his hands. He smiled me and, when I started washing my hands, he already wiped his and left the premise.

From this moment, I only could think of this charming stranger. And didn’t worry at all. I was looking for him with eyes in the hall and, when I found him, I felt myself for the first time as one of Eskortlar-escort girls – I started to desire him. Besides, I’ve heard that sex is a good remedy to cease worrying. After some minor hesitations, I approached him and we talked.

It turned out, he was auditioning for the supporting male part in the musical, and I was, in turn, auditioning for Zelda the Witch – one of the main parts. You’ve probably seen this musical on stage or at least, heard of it. I wanted to play Zelda for many years and now I was walking towards my dream. That wasn’t the case with him – he simply wanted to play the role to receive money.

The word for word – and I was hinting him delicately on having sex. He seemed not to understand my hints at first but 5 minutes later, he became wiser at once and we had our chance to go away from this crowded hall to find a secluded place. Well, it was not that easy – we didn’t want to make it in the toilet but the other places like offices were either occupied or closed. As the last chance, I took him outside the premise at the entrance but as we shouldn’t leave (‘cause we received our numbers at the entrance and leaving meant losing the place in the queue), I dragged him to the ‘only personnel’ door for a blind luck. It was my chance and it worked – the door was open and the room was dark. Click with a switch – and the lights are on. A dressing room with costumes. And with several more doors, all of which were open. Great!

He kissed me when we entered the first better door and closed it behind. It was some kind of a locker room, 1.5×1.5 meters – but it was far better than I expected. The skirt goes up and with the same move, I lowered my soaked wet panties (from high sexual desire, as some Ankara escorts girl, I suppose) to the ankles and was waiting while he was busy with dressing a condom on. His dick was not too erected obviously (or he worried too) so he wasn’t fast in his actions. I wanted to help him and took a process into my gentle hands. When the rubber was on, I took it in the mouth to make the erection sturdy and again turned my face off him. He entered without any preliminaries.

In two minutes, someone opened our door and saw us fucking like Ankara escorts girl and her client.

‘We’re fucking here, shut the fucking door, please’ – I dunno why I said it. Most of the time, I am a shy girl. Usually. But now, something came out of my lips don’t know why – I just wanted to reach an orgasm and this situation actually wasn’t helpful to me. Though, I felt something wacky inside from being caught in the act. Well, if to think it through, it’s even sexy – that someone has seen us naked in the middle.

He came! Dafuck man! I’m not yet.

“Please, move a little more – come on, imagine you’re fucking a pussy of some Russian escort Ankara girl,” I guess, I shouted it. He continued for 20 more seconds or something but he could no longer. I took him out and immersed my three fingers in the pussy. Not enough. I’m making it four. Jerk, jerk… Yep, I’m here. Oh, are these bodyguards came for us and now looking at me as I am cumming? Oh, shit, we were discovered and dragged out of the premise outside. Well, at least, it was a nice coupling even if I don’t get the part now.


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Veronica, one of escort in Ankara women came to the festival that was organized in the pre-last summer day to celebrate another year that passed. It was an annual occasion in this local city. She was not from the local community and so she easily forgot the name of this fest though had been told in twice. It was in her nature, though. She forgot two times about the meeting with a client she had but eventually it ended well – she did on time to the first guy and only an hour late to the second but he was okay with that. Management of the escort model agency told her, however, that they will not tolerate such forgetfulness any longer and the next time shall be her last one.

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“How about a thing in my pussy?” That was a question from a bayan eskortlar girl of our Ankara agency of sex models, who was chilling with a guy that ordered her for a weekend.

“What exactly do you have on your mind?”

“Well, I was thinking about dildos at first. But we have already tried them, so where’s the novelty? Then I thought what about wrapping a smartphone in a condom and shoving it into my pussy.”

A bayanlar eskortlar young woman seemed to interest a guy, 36-y.o. Labib, who was taking a weekend rest from his family and business with a young escorter from the VIP escort kızlar agency of Turkey.