Ankara incall escort agency lover has experience of flying naked in the large air tube
» » Ankara incall escort agency lover has experience of flying naked in the large air tube
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We in the incall escort service share the desires of our clients and guests. And we deliver ladies who are adventurous and open-minded enough to make a company for guys requesting a lovely-looking paramour from incall escort Ankara to be their amazing “+1” when required.

Alora was a girl from our Ankara escort incall service, who was booked to visit a local adventure site with an air tube. That’s a kind of thing, which has a large ventilator installed in the floor of a tube with transparent walls. The diameter of a tube is about 6-10 meters (depending on its build) and the idea is that when a fan rotates, it creates a large flow of air, which puts you up. The result: you soar in that tube, feeling the same as you would during a free fall – the one you’d have when jumping with a parachute.

What’s great about this sports adventure (which makes it different from the parachute jump) is that you don’t need to practice much before doing it, waste half of your day listening to instructions, you don’t need an instructor attached to your back, and you don’t carry the weight of the parachute. But you do wear a helmet to make it possible to breathe in the insane flow of the roaring air. As for the rest – and that’s the beauty of this – you aren’t required to wear any specific clothes. You can even be naked.

Although it is normally impossible to fly naked in the air tube since it is a family attraction and people around are looking at skydivers (or, rather, tube divers) through the walls, it is not impossible when you own an air tube. Or pay for its work during the closed hours. That’s when Alora from the online catalog of Ankara escorts incall pussycats was booked – at 23 hours on Thursday.

The mall, where the air tube is installed, works until 22. One hour after the closure, Alora was met at the fire exit, as agreed, and led through corridors to enter the premises with the tube. It was high, about 10-15 meters up, and about 7 meters in diameter. The illumination lit it from the inside and sides, slowly changing its color with all hues of the rainbow, making it look mysterious. Alora already wanted to begin her skydiving.

“Alora, you can now get undressed. Put your clothes on the armchair,” the guy who led her, showed her where to put her things. She had to get undressed right here, in a hall. She did so, revealing to the eyes of several beholding men her tanned skin, 3rd size of breasts, and long curly black hair, shining with health, which she was proud of. Her velvety skin has attracted all the glances of the present audience, and it was hard to say, at which part of her body they were looking at the most – her tight buttocks with little cute dimples on the sides closer to the legs, or firm breasts, which told she was in her early 20s. Or might it have been a flat belly, cubes on which told she loved visiting a gym?

“Do I take off my sneakers, too?”

“You can take them off or you can leave them worn on – as you wish,” she was responded.

She received her helmet, put it on, and stepped into the flow of the air, roaring from down to up. And she flew. Awkward at once, of course, showing acrobatic somersaults in the flow, not having any experience of being in an air tube before. Doing so, she still pleased the guys with her nakedness, the entireness of which was seen through the transparent tube walls.

An instructor stepped in and after spending with him several minutes, she was already knowledgeable about how to control her body. As soon as they accommodated themselves in the airflow, the instructor approached closer to the girl and embraced her in his hands. Then he turned her face away from him and started to try entering her pussy with his erect dick from the side of the buttocks. That was not simple to do – if you ever will try to copulate in the air while falling down under gravity, you will understand this is not easy at all.

Finally, he managed to do that (Alora was also very helpful in the process) and he started fucking her tanned pussy, holding her at the shoulders, and embracing her legs with his. From motions, their position in the coordinate axes changed all the time – they could fly up and then rapidly return to the ground, or rotate awkwardly in the air. Still, they continued having sex, as the instructor obviously wanted to cum. And when he did so, his strong jerking motions made a couple rotate in somersaults in the air.

The guy took out his dick in a condom and rushed to the exit from the air chamber. Another one was already waiting in the queue to start making love with the girl in the air. The line of the guys who have been waiting for their turn included 5 more. That night, Alora returned home around 3 in the morning, after serving them all in that air tube.



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