Ankara escorts girl is pretending to be a housekeeper to have horny hours with a client
» » Ankara escorts girl is pretending to be a housekeeper to have horny hours with a client
Russian escort in Ankara will make it possible to feel that you are having sex with your housekeeper – just dress her up as you wish or voice your desire before booking her to wear the specific outfit

This call was one of many to Ankara escorts Oxana, a goddess in the outward appearance and that is why loved by men with a fiery passion. For that reason, she was booked in weeks from now and was very popular.

This time she was asked to wear sexy transparent lingerie to pretend to be a housekeeper to some wealthy man who was living in a huge mansion with 15 bedrooms on the outside of the city.

She, a Russian escort in Ankara, drove there in 40 minutes, wearing what he has asked. The big gates opened in front of her taxicab and a car drove her inside, as it was about 0.5 miles from gates to the front entrance of the house. A huge bell rang when she pushed a button and, in a minute, a handsome guy of 30+ years opened the doors before her. ‘Please, come in’, he said.

‘Thank you. Where can I change my clothes?’–  Ankara escort Russian asked. ‘I will take you to a bedroom that must be cleaned up, and there is a bathroom adjacent to it’. She followed him on the huge vestibule that was about 30 meters high and had two large stairways to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. The green heavy marble with the golden veins was the main material for the walls and columns. The stairs were done in the light pink marble and polished woods.

When they got to a room leaving the hall on the back, he pointed a finger at the bathroom saying ‘Here you can pamper yourself and change clothes. There you’ll find a brush, dress and a cap to wear to be as a housekeeper’.

The bathroom was arranged in the light shades with a jade stone in the washbasin and some inserts on the floor. The handles on the shower cabin and everywhere were all gold.

Escort girl Ankara checked the dress and put on what he said to her. Her stockings were high and the shoes were elegant on her slender legs. She looked in the mirror to see a fantastic gorgeous girl dressed as a horny maid – her hair was decorated with a black maid cap, a tight body was fit into the appropriate dress and in her hand, there was a long brush to wipe away the dust.

When she came out, he was laying on the bed atop of the bed cloth hands back on the head and watching her.

‘Deal with the dust in the room’ – he said – ‘and make sure you are standing your spine to me when you are working.’ She started to brush vases and shelves of the room (though there was no dust – seems like her client used services of the real maid just some hours before). In ten seconds or so, she bent herself lower to reach the imaginable dust and showed him that she was wearing no panties. The next minutes, she was trying to reveal herself from the most luring positions to her new chief, standing this and that, so he could see her pussy, neatly shaved and ready to intake whatever he considers necessary.

In a minute, he ordered her to open a closet door and to take a dildo out of there. After putting it inside, she continued to ‘work’, posing her widespread legs and slightly undressing piece by piece. In minutes from that, she was wearing only stockings and a cap of a maid. Finally, he invited her to the bed and she immediately took his big Willie in her mouth of cherry color. He was operating a dildo inside of her. She was changing her mouth with her hand, doing an 2 erotic massage Ankara and he liked it much. He was playing with her boobs when she was caressing him with her lips. Changing of positions was done often, as he switched from one her intimate zone to another. Finally, he stood up and entered her from the back, pulling out the dildo before. After several sharp movements, he began to move smoothly and it continued for several minutes. After, he took the dildo in a hand and pulled it back into her, and entered her in the same pussy hole. Now it was stretched as at once two cocks were inside. He moved faster and faster and eventually, before cuming, he took himself out and entered in the elastic anal hole of the finest call girl in Turkey. It embraced his dick and allowed him to cum just in seconds.


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She phoned me from work at half past six to ask if I want to try something new today. It was like she’s been from new girls in escort. When she said what she wanted, I was just speechless. I did not know if she was serious or not.